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Forged by its founders amidst  the War of Nine Hells. These Immortals formed a circle with one goal to bring darkness and chaos into the realm of man. As centuries past stories were told of the demons that haunt the darkness, watching and waiting to corrupt the souls of the weak. Humans feared the darkness but there were those that banished the shadows with the power of the light and soon the light returned to the world. Eons passed and all but whispers echoed the dark corners of taverns.The Dark Immortals had become just a bed time story told to children or so it would seem.  

These shadowy figures have moved through the ages in secret, positioning themselves into power and watching as the world is consumed in darkness by the chaos of their minions. Now the demons have once again stepped from the shadows to seek out the strongest to corrupt and merge into their army. Once again they seek to wage war on all mankind and bring forth endless darkness. Will you be consumed by the darkness? Then press on and pass beyond the gates of shadows and enter the kingdom of The Dark Immortals

-Dark Immortals

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Recruiting and Raiding!!!!

Svenny0228, Aug 12, 10 2:42 PM.
Hallo All!,

We are currently running Dungeons and Raids (5m heroic and non) to (10/25m)!

In the meantime between runs we are lvling our alts!!!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Svenny0228, Aug 12, 10 2:28 PM.
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